What is an NFT?
Non Fungible Token - This means that when an Asset is create and uploaded to the Blockchain it is divided up in to a finite set of ownership tokens. Each token represents 1 piece of art work. You choose how many pieces are created.
Why join the NFT space?
The world is shifting to an online centric place both socially and for most of commerce. Non Fungible Tokens (NFT's) are the future of ownership.
What makes NFT's Different?
Unlike current Art models the NFT is a very Artist friendly model. The artist will collect the Full initial sale amount minus a commission fee (35%) and the received a residual income after every sale there after! 5% will go back directly to the Artist without ever even having to seek out payment. The idea is the "Smart contract" of the blockchain knows it was your piece of work and will send you the correct amount of the royalty, FOREVER! 1 Sale....100 sales, you always get a piece as the creater.
Why do I need Art Room?
The NFT space is a very new and difficult space to understand let alone work in. We are here to provide the technological knowhow to ensure your art work is safely taken care of and properly promoted to the correct clientele.
Navigating the NFT space
There are a lot of dangerous things that are on the internet and with technology still being developed and understood, navigating the NFT space takes a keen sense and experience to ensure there are no problems.
Art Room Network
Our board and Team are made up of some of the best in the Art World. Our boards experience in Curating Art is superior to any competitors that currently exist. We have Board Members who have been on the Prado Musuem Board advising role and many more art museums.
It's all about the Artist
We want to help Artists launch into the NFT world and also help them thrive. We have a system that will help promote Artists the quickest way possible while ensuring the long term financial viability favors the Artists not the Gallery.